Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Election 2014 Project

The students recently completed this project.
After reading about a class election in the Journeys program, the students formed into political parties to convince the fourth grade to vote for them.
Mr. Andrews had agreed to work with the winning campaign on their ideas to improve our school.
Each group organized a group platform, wrote and delivered speeches, made campaign posters, skits and videos to support their cases.
The Fourth grade came and heard and saw all the work and voted for the winning party on the Friday  a week before the vacation.

See if you can predict the winner from the work I've posted for you. I couldn't post the fabulous videos the teams made or post how exuberant their presentations were!!

Follow the links to experience the student's delicious work...


American Jamaican Unipickles



People's Politicians



Red, White and Blueberries




Presidential Motivator Mustaches




Kid's Rights