Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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1. Daydreamer

Jared - vocals

Claire, Regine and the class- vocals


Lyrics - Jared




 2. It's not OK

Rachel and Tommy - vocals



Rachel, with Lizzy and JC - lyrics




3. Heartbeat

Sarah, Nicky and Brenda -  vocals


lyrics - Sarah, with editing help from Nicky

4. Crazy as they ccome

Jared: vocals

Leila: bass

Jordan: guitar

Eli: Keys

lyrics: Jared



5. Rumors

Abbey and Sara - vocals

Sullivan - keys



lyrics - Abbey and Sara




6. Can't give up

Leila: vocals

Eli: keys

Jordan: guitar

lyrics: Leila

7. Headlice

Conor: guitar

Jason: bass

Eli: keys

Vocals by: Regine, Conor, Leila, Abbey, Lian, Jared, Claire, Rachel, Jason.

Group improvisation


8. Da club

Jason: vocals

Emma: vocals

Conor: guitar

Jason: bass

Tori and Sarah: keys

lyrics: Jason


9. Stand up

Rachel and Lizzy: vocals

JC and Tommy: keys



Rachel and Lizzy: lyrics

10. Too short

Andrew with Regine and Claire: vocals



lyrics: Andrew and Regine



11. The Plan

Sarah: vocals

Matt and Nicky: keys

Jason: bass

lyrics: Nicky



12. Greaser boys

composed and performed by Jason and Jared

13. The Execution

Sarah - vocals

Claire and Jared - vocals

Conor - keys

Jason - bass

lyrics - Sarah


14. The Talker

Main vocals: Jason, Kevin, Sarah and Leila

Claire: vocals

Group improvisation.

Original lyric concept: Rachel and Tommy


15. The Story of me

Lian - vocals

Conor - guitar

Tori and Emma - keys

Jason - bass

lyrics - Jason



Wow!! What an amazing session. Try it out. It's the new sound of 2007.

Recorded in Black Sun studios (mobile version) Monday February 12th - Friday 16th. (minus one day lost for snow!)

Produced and engineered by mike allen





If you burn this to CD, I suggest taking the songs in the order they're here.

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