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Invention Challenge 1

Science Class 2016 - 2017




Riley and Lily


From the makers:

Test #1: our first test had only gotten 6 “7” it had a steering problem and a heavy design.

Test #2: our second test had a lighter designed car and was triangular shaped it had gotten 15 “4”.

Test #3: our car was very well raced it got somewhere around 10 “7”

History of Vehicle: The Asteroid had been re-invented a couple of times. But we realized our tests were only 10 “7” and it had a major steering problem. So we tried not to be so complicated and we ended up with a simple, easy, straight on vehicle. J

·      Size matters in the race so we went with an easy option, a medium size.

·      You want your vehicle to go down the ramp fast so making it on the smaller side is good.

·      We noticed that heavy weight in the back is good with light weight in the front.



Falling down from the sky,

shooting cross the finish line.

It’s A-S-T-E-R-O-I-D!

Asteroid, Asteroid,




Best distance: 32' 10"

Competition status: Gold medal winner





Will and Alex


Note from designers:

Our first vehicle didn’t go very fast or far because it was shaped as a box. It wasn’t doing well so we took it apart and made a new car. It was a three wheeler that had double wheels and it went much farther. Then we wanted to test a different car and it did a little better.


·      Symmetrical

·      Long

·      More weight in the back

·      Big wheels

·      Strong not wobbly

·      Skinny


Vroom Vroom that’s the sound of Bugatti

You guys are so nice we are so naughty   

You’re going to lose and you are going to go potty



Best distance: 28' 10"

Competition status: Silver medal winner



The Epic Ride


Michele and Amanda   


From the makers:

  The Epic Ride didn’t start out too well. First we made it huge and it went 3ft.  After that we made it smaller with four wheels that went 16ft. Then we made it even smaller with three wheels and made it go 21ft. When it came time to do the do the test to get in the race it only went 11ft. So we are making changes so it will go 21ft again. We hope we will WIN!

·         Fast

·         Large wheels

·         Heavy in the back lighter in the front

·         On the smaller side

·         More wheels the better

·         Sturdy



Best distance: 38' 11"

Competition status: Bronze medal winner



Fluffy Rabbit


Matthew and Max


From the makers:

In the beginning the Fluffy Rabbit was pretty awesome - it hit the wall about 4/5 times. We try improving it and 1.0 – 5.0 it got worse and worse. We adjusted it over and over again. We had a lot of steering problems and sometimes the front wheels would stop spinning. 9/15/16 21 feet 9/15/16 again 24ft 2in again 11ft 4in. It was getting worse…

·        Keep on trying different things

·        Heavy in the back

·        Pretty small and thin

·        Start with small wheels in front

·        symmetry



Best distance: 29'

Competition status: Fourth place





Bo and Sebastian


From the makers: 

The history of this high class race car is up and down. The farthest distance of the car is 24’10’ but are shortest distance is 13 feet. When we first started we didn’t do so well. But then we got the hang of it we were hitting the wall every time. Then we found THE WHEELS we thought they were the best things ever. They were ginormous. It turned out that the wheels were not the best thing. Then we added more wheels to make it keep hitting again and again. Then we thought we were ready for our official so we put it up on the ramp and it only went 19 feet. Now we are preparing for the championship.


  The important equipment for this competition is 6 wheels and making your car the right size - not too long not too short.


Fireball it’s going to win it all, Fireball were faster than them all. 


Best distance: 22' 9" NEW WORLD RECORD

Competition status: Quarter finalist



Blue Lightning


Jacob and Anthony


From the makers:

Blue lighting testing was horrible we Oley went 9 feet  so we took it apart and made a three wheeler and Jacob tried to make it into a motor cycle. I guess it was good but both of the cars have steering problem that we need to work out that I have to fix because he is sick. I just took the final test without him. I think the best thing we did was take the old one apart  though both of the cars still need speed.             


Best distance: 22' 9" (2nd best distance of all-time!)

Competition status: Quarter finalist.





Ryan and Aidan


From the makers:

The history of the one and only Lamborghini.

First it was nothing but a pile of junk that only went 10 feet. Then with a little adjusting it went 12-14 feet but it had a slight steering problem. Then with a little more adjusting it went 19 feet but still with a little steering problem.  We changed it once more and it got 22 feet. It was amazing it was awesome it was the Lamborghini!!!

·        Long and thin is a very good design

·        Heavy in the back is the best for us

·        3 wheels are the best

·        No symmetry

·        No knext close enough to stop the wheel


Best distance: 24' 6"

Competition status: Quarter finalist





Evelyn and Destiny

From The Makers:

History of our vehicle: We had to start over a few times. One of the problems was about the steering, so we started all over again. Another problem was our distances, our distances at first were between 15-17 feet. A few days later we improved our distance and our car. We got 21 feet for our official distance.                        

·       4 small wheels

·       2 big wheels

·       2 small line connects

·       Tape

·       4 green connects



Best distance: 27'

Competition status: Quarter finalist






Hanna and Caitlin


From the makers:

History: our vehicle was a big vehicle with a very bad steering problem. Once we tested our vehicle and it ran right into the glob of paint on the floor. So we made it smaller.

Important parts of the vehicle

The Spyderette, watch it go! It never ever moves too slow. Once sets off on the ramp, it will get very fast, so watch it zip rightghho past!




Best distance: 19' 11"

Competition status: First round

Winner - Most Unlucky Award 2016



Snuggle Bunny

(No picture provided)



Oprah, Destiny and Larkin


From the makers:

Snuggle Bunny X5 was first having steering problems and was too wide in some spots. So, we made it smaller and heavier. First off we used small wheels, but as we tested it out, we noticed that it still wasn’t heavy enough and it was going short distances. Then we decided to change the wheels and make them bigger.

·        Back heavy

·        Big wheels

·        Strong structure

Snuggle Bunny X5; we make the others fall behind. We win in every race we say ha, ha, ha, ha in your face


Best distance: 4'

Competition status: First round



Best Distances Awards

Flash (2015 - 2016)

Best distance: 44' 9" NEW WORLD RECORD


Thunderblast (2015 - 2016)

Best distance: 44' 3" (2nd best distance of all-time!)

Winner - Most Unlucky Award 2015


Pink Fluffy Unicorns (2015 - 2016)

Best distance: 40' 4"


The Epic Ride (Science Class 2016 - 2017)

Best distance: 38' 11"


Dark Gladiator (2015 - 2016)

Best distance: 38' 6"


Green Monster (2015 - 2016)

Best distance: 35' 11"