Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Invention Challenge 1

Ramp Run 2010 - Part 2


Red-Hot Fluffy Dynamite

Designers: Franny and Niamh

From the makers:

The red-hot fluffy dynamite is a car that we think can win because it made 24ft 10 two times. Fist we started off with small wheels and a very small frame. We only got 10 ft 3 so we decided we would change it completely. Now we had four medium wheels. It got pretty far but not far enough! So we made it longer and that didn’t work at all. We came to a conclusion that a medium frame is the best. In the end we had a beautiful car!

Status: Official distance: 29' 10”

World Championship distance: 33' 11"




Double EE

Designers: Ethan and Erik

From the makers:

I think Double EE will win because we have made our vehicle not to light and not to heavy. Also because we have lots of white pieces that are limiting the friction so the wheels aren’t rubbing and stopping. And its combination of small wheels and big wheels are working really well. Our first test we stunk and we got 3 feet but we kept improving it and soon we were up 16 feet. That’s when we put the white pieces and big wheels, and now were hitting the wall.

Status: Official distance: 32' 6”

World Championship distance: 33' 3"




Fluffy Bunny

Designers: Pari and Mamie

From the makers:

Our vehicle will win because it has gone thirty feet and the world record is thirty-three feet. It is a very broad design. Fluffy bunny is very simple. It has two big sized wheels. Two wheels in the back and two medium sized wheels in the front. We put the big sized wheels in the back and the medium sized wheels in the front, so when it went down the ramp it would be balanced. We made it very flexible but still sturdy. It has four yellow half connects on the outside and four whole white connects on the inside. Our first run it went twenty-one feet, we changed it a little bit and it only went five feet. We couldn’t figure out what was wrong but after a long time of thinking we figured out what was wrong and the test it banged the wall. That is Fluffy Bunny!!

Status: Official distance: 31' 2”

World Championship distance: 32' 11 and 1/2"




Designers: Julia, Sarah and Tamar

From the makers:

From the five-foot five journey to sixteen-feet our model, The Fire Fish, has grown and shrunk several times. At the beginning, in our disappointment we nick named it the “Fire Fish Failure”. Later through our experience we got bigger gear wheels and a new crew member. We recently concluded that the heavier it was the faster it goes, so we added a green water bottle. Suddenly our Fire Fish Failure turned in to Fire Fish Phoenix. Now with our big back wheels, and our weight, Fire Fish flies. We think we will win the race.

Status: Official distance: 17' 11”

World Championship distance: 30' 10"

Knockout tournament distances: 34' 2"  and 34' 1"




Golden Bullet

Designers: John and Carl

From the makers:

The Golden Bullet is going to win because it has the best combination of wheels. Originally we had medium wheels on the back and small wheels on the front. That turned out to be a bad combination because the small wheels were spinning too much and creating a lot of friction. That only got us up to 9ft. Now we have big wheels in the back and medium wheels in the front. Our maximum distance now is 24ft 9in. We also added some weight and that helped a lot too.

Status: Official distance: 25'

World Championship distance: 28' 4"




Designers: Jack and Aidan

From the makers:

Ketchup is going to win because it has two big wheels and two medium wheels. When we first tried our car it only went 5’4’’. After that we did our official distance. It went 13’6’’. A little while later, we got two big wheels, and we went 19’4’. Then we tried it again, and we dropped 3 feet to 16’4’’. Now we are at where we are today, and we are going to win!!!!!!!

Status: Official distance: 13' 6”

World Championship distance: 26' 4"



The Dead Butterflies

Designers: Will and Tim

From the makers:

The Dead Butterflies are going to win because we have big wheels in the back and medium wheels in the front. We have the passion and the determination to win. On our official run our car went 9 feet 11inches. After we took some pieces off, it went 24 feet! We wanted to make it better and that completely messed our car up. Our vehicle is sturdy.

Status: Official distance: 14' 3”

World Championship distance: 25' 9"



Speeding Bullet

Designers: Quentin and Githendu

From the makers:

The Speeding Bullet will win because we are planning to add weight near the the back wheels to get some more gravity to make the car go faster. We have even made tests to prove that weight makes Speeding Bullet go farther. When we first tried it out, it only went ten to twelve feet. We kept changing it, and it slowly improved. Next it went 15. Then we made a dramatic change. We changed our vehicle from eight inches to a foot and a half.

Status: Official distance: 25' 1”

World Championship distance: 25' 2"



Fiery Bunny

Designers: Carla and Ben

From the makers:

I think Fiery Bunny will win because it has no tires in the front so the wheels can move faster. We have big tires in the back to support the wheels in the front. Our car is small so it can move faster. We had medium tires in the front and big tires in the back when we started, then we took of the tires in the front and we went almost 10 feet farther. Then we changed it so there was only one wheel in the front and it had steering problems. So we brought the other wheel in the front and it wouldn’t go far so we added weight and it went far again.

Status: Official distance: 26' 10”

World Championship distance: 24' 7"



Designers: Isidora and Lydia

From the makers:

We think the Li will win. It is not that heavy and not that light. We think this is the best for our vehicle. It is not that long which means it gets more momentum on the ramp. It has big wheels, which we think will carry the vehicle farther, and spin around more. Our first design went twenty three feet. We changed it a lot and it only went about eighteen feet. We ended up going back to our original plan. Next we took away weight – we thought this would help, but we only got about seventeen feet. Without a choice we added weight, grudgingly though. We thought this would just push the wheels down and stop the wheels from rolling. We were proved right. The highest we got with the hole punchers taped on to the Li was twelve feet. We are going to change it as much as we can back to the original design in the next few days.

Status: Official distance: 22'

World Championship distance: 23' 9"



Macaroni and Cheez

Designers: Marina and Kristen

From the makers:

Macaroni and Cheez still going strong with a distance of 16.8 feet. We went with a loose design so the wheels would go faster, but then we realized it had steering problems. So we made a new design. Now we have all medium wheels which made a huge difference. We think we could win because we have a pretty steady vehicle. It’s an average design but it works. But most of all teamwork is the best design you could ever have!

Status: Official distance: 20' 2”

World Championship distance: 21' 2"



The Laser

Designers: Aviva and Kira

From the makers:

Coming soon...

Status: Official distance: 20' 2”

World Championship distance: 20' 9"



Hearts Of Gold

Designers: Cat and Stella

From the makers:

Hearts Of Gold will win because of all of our modifications. Here is our story. Hearts Of Gold without weight was tiny and slow. Every time we set it down the ramp, it went a small 10 feet. Unfortunately, our car only went 11.1 feet on our official distance. Luckily for us, there was a solution to our dilemma. Just add weight. Our car went 17.4 feet when we added a pack of permanent markers. We taped them on with a heavy duct tape. Our Hypothesis was right about just adding weight.

Status: Official distance: 11' 1”

World Championship distance: 15' 10"