Michael J. Allen

Class of 2017 - 2018

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Light and Sound Links



Light and Sound Project

Here are the lessons for this project!



Engineering Interact

Games and information about Light and Sound.




What is light?

Optics for Kids -  find out about light, lenses and lasers




Exploring the science of light




How Stuff Works - Light

Famous website's take on  how light works...




The Science of Light

Interesting on-line activities. A good challenge for a motivated fifth grade student...




Using Light and Sound to Present a Puppet Show

Discovery Works website, connected with our science textbooks.





Follow these links to find very basic core informastion, illustrations and cute activities. Good place to start!




Teacher tube presents...  videos all about Light and Sound.

Part 1 - Light

Part 2 - Sound

All you need to know - plus silly wigs and songs - who could ask for anything more?




Illusion of the Year contest winners

Interesting images to deceive your mind...




MCAS Review Material

Electromagnetic radiation
Light wave diagram and labels
Convex/concave mirrors

Convex/concave lens
Sound wave diagrams