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Class of 2018 - 2019

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Music Class 2013

Goals of the class

The goals of the class are:

  • Design and prepare music and multi-media performance art for the fifth annual WMOS Concert event on Saturday, April 27th. Students will be performing live from 2:00pm till 5:00pm at the event. Mark it in your calendar!!
  • Record original and cover songs using the Pro-Tools based 24-Track recording studio in my class.
  • Learn about the recording process and the technology employed in this area.


  • The class happens every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30- 4:00pm in Room 411.
  • Students will be released to their parents at the usual dismissal location.
  • We will organize who will stay each week in advance. I will publish the next week's list of performers here.


Parking Lot






guitar - Kyle

vocals - Phaidra, Ketley, Jayda, Isabella



Composed by and featuring:

Maggie, Mehda, Sonia


Double Take


Tuesday Rehearsal bands


Red Moon

Audrey, Gabe, Phaidra, Samuel, Sonia.

Songs selected so far:


My Generation

The Gypsy Song



Christian, Drexel,  Jayda, Mouad, Sarah, Kaleigh


Songs selected so far:


Double Take


Tech : Domenic and Philip

Guitar and Drums: Kyle and Gabe


Thursday rehearsal bands


The Bingos

Alecia,  Ketley,  Kieran,  Marissa, Mehda


Songs selected so far:

Try to fight

Die Young





Bianca, Isabella,  Nick, Kevin, Michael, Tristen.


Tech : Domenic and Philip

Guitar and Drums: Kyle and Gabe


Songs selected so far:

Seven Nation Army

I'm a believer


Come and see a flotilla of excellent student bands, as well as graduate students and teacher and parent bands...

Be there or be somewhere else..