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Class of 2018 - 2019

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First Term Parent Conferences

Saturday, November 14th.


Hi Parents.

It's almost time for our conferences on the progress of your child in our first term together.

You can contact me about scheduling a conference by email. Slots will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. This page will be updated frequently so you can see the available slots!

Details are listed below.

I'll be starting conferences on Tuesday, December 8th.

Here's what you need to know and what you can expect at the conference:

  • The conferences will be taking place in the parent room on the same floor as the main office. I will be there to let you in to the building if your conference is after 4:00pm!
  • Students can attend the conference if you want them to. I'm not going to say anything to you that I wouldn't also say to them. If you would prefer them not to attend, that is also fine. The focus of the conference will be acknowledging strengths and weaknesses, and trying to find focus areas for the students efforts in the upcoming term. The conferences should be about thirty minutes long.
  • At the conference you will receive the new report card. We will go over the highlights together. Grade scores are:

4 - well above 'grade level'

3 - grade level

2 - working towards grade level

1 - well below grade level

Some of the grades involve letter grades. Here are the letter grades:

C - Consistently works on the skill/provides the effort

S - Sometimes works on the skill/provides the effort

R - Rarely works on the skill/provides the effort

  • My interpretation of the Medford system is that:

3 means, 'comfortable with the skill'.

2 means, 'working towards mastering the skill'. 

1 means, 'the student is having difficulty mastering the skill'.

  • After looking over the report card, we will try to find two or three areas your child should focus on for the next term.

We will not have time to make detailed judgments - we will make 'ball park' calls - we can edit them later, if we want to.

Hopefully, this guide will be helpful for you.

See you at the conference!



Time Tuesday December 8th Wednesday  December 9th Thursday,  December 10th  Friday,   December 11th
2:00 Not available Available Not available Not available
2:30  Not available Available Not available Not available
3:00 Vishal Available Lizzie Dimitri
3:30 Available Available Bereket Ethan
4:00 Ayush Ciara Josh K. Abbie
4:30 Danny Saphia Josh M. Justin
5:00 Not available Jack Not available Liam
5:30 Not available Haley Not available Not available
6:00 Not available Matteo Not available Not available