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Class of 2018 - 2019

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Class Information and Events

This page is a chronological list of the events of the year.

This page is our story!




Fifth-Grade End-of-Year Show.

Here's a photo library of the event posted by Heather and John.

Thanks for posting the pictures guys!




Genetic Engineering?

I've added the student's Genetic Engineering opinion essays to their individual writing workshop pages.

Only three students were actually in favor of genetic engineering after completing the research reading.

Who would have guessed?

Enjoy reading their thoughts!




The Ecosystem Game

Here are some pictures from the Ecosystem tournament on Monday, June 3rd!

Rachel ended up being the Champion. No wonder she is smiling so big!





West Medford Open Studios Video

Here's a link to a twelve minute section of the student's performance at Saturday's concert provided by Isabella's dad.

Thanks for this! It's a bit 'pitchy' in places, it's true, but the spirit of the performance is there!

For those who came: Thanks for supporting the arts in Medford!



Music Class

Check out details about the class and listen to our recordings by following the links above.

Students who are officially signed up are listed.



Tavern Project 2013

Updated totals included.

Which team was in the lead as we  entered the project hiatus?

Follow the links and find out....




Commonwealth Museum Photo album

Here's a photo album from the Field trip to the Commonwealth museum.

See the students in Colonial costumes reenacting the Boston Massacre. Also see them enjoying their lunch break under shining early-spring skies...




Shelter Project 2013

Here's a few pictures from the shelter project. I didn't do a great job, I'm afraid!

If you have some more, email them to me, and I'll post them!




 Black and White Keys

Here it is - our fabulous music project!!

It's all here for you -  the crisp, new, vibrant sound of 2013, minted fresh in Room 411 for your listening pleasure.




Marshmallow Towers

Each class was challenged to build a free-standing structure using only toothpicks and marshmallows. Here's a photo library of the results.





DARE Posters

Here are the posters the class did to celebrate the end of the DARE class.

They're pretty cool, eh?



Rocks and Minerals Website

Check out our 'work in progress' as we design our Rocks and minerals website!!




Dogs v Cats Debates

Wanna find out what the students think about which pet is the best: Dog or Cat?

Listen to their podcasts here!!

Also, wanna find out what the New Scientist thinks about the Dog versus Cat debate?

Read the article here!!





Wanna read the thoughts of your devious classmates?

Try out the many ways your classmates tried to persuade their parents to give them everything from penguins to kiwi birds!

Enjoy and be inspired...




Parks versus Factory Debate

Here are the actual speeches from the Panel debate.

These are the very speeches that Alexandra, Betsy and Lisa sat through.

See what you think.

Who would you have voted for: The Parks or the factory?




Grassland Photo album

Here's some photos for your pleasure and entertainment of the set from our Grassland show!

Hope you like them!





Writing Workshop 2013

Extremely rough versions of the personal narratives the students have been working on during the first term.


We'll fix them up in January!



Space Project Songs with Science Class 2012

Here are four of the five songs we've recorded to wrap up the Space project with Ms. Moll's class...





Perfect World Music 2012





Invention Challenge 1

Follow the link to see the photos of all the vehicles as well as read the thoughts of the designers...



Perfect World Project 2012

Follow the link to the groups work on the Perfect World project.

Writing, artwork and music for your pleasure and entertainment...





Here are all the name plates that have been created and affixed to the student's lockers, as well as many of the nameplates designed and created for the classroom.