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2013 - 2014

Here is where the completed class projects for the year are...


Class Information and Events

This page is a chronological list of the events of the year.

This page is our story!



Noelani and Liana

'Sad and Lonely' is the new song by this talented duo.

Click any of the the links to hear the song.

You can download it to your iDevices, swoon in the awesome light of their talent and generally become fans...

(I hope I spelled Noelani's name right...)



Saturday, May 10th

Brooks School Music Room

2:00pm - 5:00pm

Come and see a flotilla of excellent student bands, as well as graduate students and teacher bands...

Follow the links to find out more...





Final totals included!

Which team ended in front as we end this epic project?

Follow the links and find out....



Hashtag Music

Our two week music project has ended.

What an amazing session!

Listen to the sounds we made.

Follow the links to each group's home page.

It's the new sound of 2014!





Election 2014 Project

The students recently completed this project.
After reading about a class election in the Journeys program, the students formed into political parties to convince the fourth grade to vote for them.
Mr. Andrews had agreed to work with the winning campaign on their ideas to improve our school.
Each group organized a group platform, wrote and delivered speeches, made campaign posters, skits and videos to support their cases.
The Fourth grade came and heard and saw all the work and voted for the winning party on the Friday  a week before the vacation.

See if you can predict the winner from the work I've posted for you. I couldn't post the fabulous videos the teams made or post how exuberant their presentations were!!


DARE Graduation Ceremony

Wednesday, February 26th

Cafetorium: 9:30 - 10:30am (approx)

Parents and families welcome to attend.

Students should dress in their finery!

Click on the picture to see some of the students DARE posters.




Viva Variety Show videos


What an event!

Theresa has posted videos of the dress rehearsal for almost all performances. This link takes you to her Youtube postings!

This link takes you to the Facebook page for the Brooks Community on which Melanie posted videos and pictures of the event!

Fantastic job by everyone involved: Our Custodians, Angelo, MIchelle, Kevin, Billy; my colleagues who worked this project; Ms. Moll, Ms. Turner, Ms. Mazaka, Ms. Keefe, Ms. McCormick; Liesbeth and Deborah, whose idea the event was and who did so much of the logistics; the parent volunteers; Mr. Andrews, who made the event possible; the coaches, and, last but not least, the amazing students who made this event something great for themselves and great for our school and community!



The Eyes of Kid Midas

Here is a photo gallery of the Kid Midas set!



Eyes of Kid Midas

Follow the link to find out about our two-week long Project Period!

Mark it in your calendar, and please keep your student in school for the whole period!

Thursday, December 19th.

6:00pm and 7:30pm

Please make Show  reservations by writing to me here letting me know:

  • Which show you want to attend?

  • How many will be in your party?

Seating will be done in the order that reservations were made!

Please note that graduate students will be allowed to come to the show. They will be seated only after all current class families are seated!



Writing Workshop 2013 - 2014

The student's writing workshop pages are growing!

Updated versions of the story - still warts and all - but improved for your reading pleasure!

These pages will continue to grow throughout the year into an online portfolio of the student's best writing.

Enjoy the work and bookmark this page - it's a biggie!


Mars Rover design project 2013

Here are some pictures from the vile, stomach-churning event in the classroom last week..



Park Visit

October 13th

We went to the park. Here's a photo gallery of our visit. Hope you like it...



Invention Challenge 1

Ramp Run 2013

Here are the invention challenge vehicles from our class for your pleasure and elucidation!!




Perfect School Project

Follow the links to experience the student's delicious art and music...

Go to each school's home page and click on the first picture or the school name to hear their anthem!





All About Me

Here are the posters from the students first homework project. Enjoy...



Nameplates 2013

The students were asked to make art on large index cards to represent themselves on the first few days of school.

These number-plate sized pieces of art will always be on the walls of our classroom!

The kids did a magnificent job, as you can see.