Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Projects Archive

2015 - 2016

Here is where the archive of the class projects for the year are...


The year so far...

This is the list of all the things we did during our time together....



Gods and Monsters


Tavern Project 2016

Welcome to the Tavern Project Homepage.

Follow the links and find out how your favorite Tavern did...



Justin Curcio's Weebly website

Check out the new website created and designed by Justin!



Student designed Revolution Website

Here's the link to the student web-design practice site. The students are learning about web design using Weebly.com while producing work relevant to our Social Studies project.



Music Madness

Here it is! Our amazing and utterly fantastic music project!

Follow the link to the home page. Once there, follow the links to the different groups' musical works.

Download to your devices or just listen to them here.

It's the hot new sound of 2016!!





Invention Challenge 1

2015 - 2016

The results are in for my class!

Check out the special page where you can see the vehicle, read its story and find out how it did in the competition!




Future World Project

Follow the links to experience the student's delicious artwork...




Teacher Plans Archive