Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Projects 2017 - 2018

Here is where the completed class projects for the year are stored...


The year we had...

This is the page for all the links that go cold on the news page. It will grow into a chronological list of the primary events of our year together.


Invention Challenge 1

2017 - 2018

The first challenge is to design and build a wheeled device, using K'Nex, that rolls furthest from the top of a ramp.

Follow the link above to see how your favorite vehicles did!



Writing Workshop

These pages/workspaces will continue to grow and develop into an on-line portfolio of the student's writing throughout our time together.



Tavern Project 2018

Welcome to the Tavern Project Homepage.

It's over! (We still need to include week 3 bonus amounts - this may change who finishes second and third!)

Follow the links and find out how your favorite Tavern did as this project closes...