Michael J. Allen

Class of 2016 - 2017

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Completed Projects

Here is a page for the completed class projects for the year...


Tavern Project 2017

Welcome to the Tavern Project Homepage.

It's begun.

The final week totals are in!

Follow the links and find out how your favorite Tavern did as this project concludes...



Writing Workshop

The students have published their first rough draft essays and personal narratives (belatedly from the first term) for you.

Most students had the same amount of time to type, edit and proofread their work.

Please note: I have not done any proofreading correction for this work!

We will continue proofreading and editing the student's work together as the future unfolds.

These pages/workspaces will continue to grow and develop into an on-line portfolio of the student's writing throughout our time together.





7 Foot Niners

Here is our Music project for you.

The class was divided into 5 'bands'. Follow the main link to the main homepage for the project then follow the links to each band's homepage.

It's the new sound of 2017.

Enjoy - and have a lovely vacation!




Come and see our show called...

The Eyes of Kid Midas 3.0

Be careful what you wish for...

Here are some pictures from the Kid Midas set for you.



The Eyes of Kid Midas 3:0

Be careful what you wish for...


Wednesday, December 21st.

6:00pm and 7:30pm

Please make Show  reservations by writing to me here letting me know:

  • Which show you want to attend?

  • How many will be in your party?

Seating will be done in the order that reservations were made!

Please note that graduate students will be allowed to come to the show. They will be seated only after all current class families are seated!

Follow the link to find out about our two-week long Project Period!

Mark it in your calendar, and please keep your student in school for the whole period!


Project Period

In many ways the show is the culmination of much of the work we've done all year in Language, in Math, Art, in Music, in Dance and Drama.

It's a summary and celebration of our journey together academically, socially and creatively.

Here are some notes about the process and the journey.



Invention Challenge 1

2016 - 2017

The first challenge is to design and build a wheeled device, using K'Nex, that rolls furthest from the top of a ramp.

Follow the link above to see how your favorite vehicle did!




Perfect World project

Here are the completed wall displays the students designed and made in the recently completed introductory small-group project



Science Class - Invention Challenge 1

The Science Class have finished this design challenge. Follow the link above to see how their favorite vehicles did in the final competition!