Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Specialist Teacher Plan

September 16th - 20th

This is the 'Specialist Class' page.

This page is for the students and parents of Ms. Moll to find out about what happens during the Science class!

We will be continue making machines and testing them in the first of a series of projects I call, 'Invention Challenges'.

Invention Challenge 1: The Ramp Run - design and build a wheeled device, using K'Nex, that rolls furthest from the top of a ramp.

We begin our first science unit on the subject of Simple Machines by taking part in this first of several Invention Challenges.

Designs are entered into a Ramp Run Challenge competition.

Students enter their vehicle into the competition. Design team-ups are mandated.
We investigate: What are the main problems each design faces?

Students generate testable hypotheses, identify independent variables, control dependent variables, conduct tests, improve designs, keep records of results.

It's a great way to introduce the students to the essence of Science in a format they all love!
In the final competition, we award Gold, Silver, Bronze, as well as Most Original, Most Unlucky, and Most Artistic awards!


Simple Machines Information Page

Here's a more detailed breakdown of our lessons:




No school



Introduction to simple Machines.

Go online and complete activity called:

The House and the Tool Shed



Preparing a web entry about their vehicle.

The focus all week will be using a science journal to track ideas and test results. The web entry will report tests completed, share ideas about the vehicle and make predictions for future performance!

The students will be taking a photo of the vehicle and making a label before making final adjustments to the vehicle before the competition.


It's all very thrilling!!

See you back here next week!