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Class of 2017 - 2018

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Science-class teacher plan

November 21st - December 1st

This is the 'Specialist Class' page.

This page is for the students and parents of Ms. O'Donnell to find out about what happens during the Science class!

This week, we will finish week 1 of the McGraw Hill Inspire Science program unit on the subject Physical and Chemical Changes.

Physical and Chemical Changes

In this module, students will carry out an investigation and use mathematics and computational thinking to answer questions about physical and chemical changes in matter and the conservation of matter. Students will engage in scientific experiences to answer questions such as: What happens to the amount of matter when it changes state? What happens when different types of matter are mixed? How does matter change when it interacts with other matter?


Week 2:

The focus of this week's lesson are that different types of matter can be combined to form mixtures. Mixtures are a physical change that can be reversed. Students will investigate that when two or more types of matter are combined, the amount of mass of the matter is conserved.


Week 3:


This lesson focuses on the fact that when certain types of matter are combined and form a new substance, it is called a chemical change. Most chemical changes cannot be reversed and the change causes the matter to have new properties. Students will explore how matter is also conserved during chemical changes in a closed system.


Invention Challenge 2

Wind Vehicle Challenge

Design a vehicle to enter a road race powered only by the wind.
Can you design the winner - not only one of the fastest, but also the strongest vehicle?

This week we will continue to design our vehicles. We will sketch ideas and make decisions about sails size, materials and shape.


Tune back in here next Sunday for the next thrilling full plan!!

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