Michael J Allen

Class 0f 2010-2011

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The Lighthouse

Every thousand years, an ominous creature, known only as 'The Shadow' approaches the Planet Gem like an ancient, dreadful curse.

The majestic lights of each of the scarecrow-like buildings known only as, 'The Lighthouse' in each of the five cities of Planet Gem, start to flash for the first time in a thousand years, warning the citizens that The Shadow is returning yet again.

The only thing that stands in the way, the only force that can overcome The Shadow and its minions, is a paltry force of ten children and their parents.

But how can such a tiny group overcome this monstrous entity?

What hope for the Planet Gem now the thousand year Shadow prophesy is unveiled?

'Stupendous entertainment' – The Goston Blobe

'A first rate chiller' – The Goston Heonix

'Oscar-rated performances from a splendid cast' – The YT Times

'The music was earth shattering. I cried like a baby' – The Graunead

The Cast:

Kristen: The Shadow

Tamar: Empress Erix

Will: Leonardo Kavinski

Jack: Valencio Lockheart

Julia: Indigo Marine

Aviva: Scarlet Marine

Carla: Blaze Sapphire

Timmy: Quinn Sapphire

Cat: Sophie Lightwater of Sapphire

Mamie: Juno Topaz

Isidora: Frances Topaz

Marina: Christina of Topaz, The Guard, Zombie

Pari: Alex Ruby

Carl: Lindsey Ruby

Lydia: Angela of Ruby, Gady Laga Zombie

Ben: Norman Emerald

Niamh: Amy Emerald

Stella: Gabriela of Emerald, Ballet dancing Zombie

Aidan: Ryan Lodestone

Kira: Spiral Lodestone

Erik: Turner of Lodestone, The Guard, Gady Laga Zombie

Francesca: Gady Laga Zombie, The Host

Sarah: Ballet dancing Zombie, The Host

The Video/Lights Crew:

Set slides: Ethan, Isidora, Will, Githendu

Stage Lights: Sarah, Francesca with Kira, Lydia and Mamie.

Live Video Camera: Quentin and John


Quentin, Githendu and John


Set Design and Construction:

The whole team!


Original Story Concept by Will

Here are the confirmed reservations for our Show, The Lighthouse, on Wednesday, December 22nd:



Ben - 4

Will - 7

Carl - 4

Carla - 2

Pari - 3

Jack - 6

Aviva and Tamar - 4

Ethan - 3

Kira - 5

Lydia - 3.75

Githendu - 2

Isidora - 2

Niamh - 3


Total: 49



Carla - 4

Erik - 6

Mamie - 7

Cat - 4

John - 2

Aidan - 3

Ben - 1

Will - 2

Timmy - 2

Quentin - 3

Sarah - 3

Stella - 3

Francesca - 3

Isidora - 2

Kristen - 4

Marina - 3

Niamh - 6


Total: 58


Please note:

I allow sixth-grade and other ex-students to come in without reservations after current families have been seated!