Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Supplies needed in Grade Five













Here is the agreed supplies list for Grade 5 teachers at the Brooks:

(This list has been adjusted to reflect supplies needed for my class)


School Supply List

2018 - 2019


Meade composition notebook


Soft pencil case

3 dz.

Packs #2 Pencils

1 pair


1 pack

Colored Pencils

1 pack

Erasers or eraser caps

1 Pack


1 pack


2 packs

Glue Sticks

1 pack

Blue or Black Pens

1 pack

Sticky Notes

1 pack

Sharpies (black)

1 pack

Index Cards

1 pack

Sheet Protectors

1 pack



Pair of Scissors


3 Subject Notebook


2 boxes of Kleenex (for classroom sharing)

2 Rolls Paper Towels (for classroom)  


Wish List for Teacher

(Not required - but nice if we get them!)


Dry Erase Eraser                   


Electric Pencil sharpener

Scotch tape

Masking Tape

Gallons School Paint (White, Red Blue Black Yellow) Mr. Allen


Here's a bit more explanation about the class systems:


Students will need the following items:

Everything else is provided for through a public supply area. (If students want to add supplies to the public supply area, they can.) Every concievable type of student tool is available in this spectacularly fabulous area.