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French and Indian War Begins

The story of the French and Indian War begins from hunters were hunting beavers to make beaver hats. Beaver hats became the new fashion and many rich people were buying them. However, French hunters had run out of beavers to hunt down and kill. They decided to go to North America so they could kill the beavers in the colonist’s land. By the time they came to colony land, the colony sent George Washington to talk to the French because they didn’t like that they were being invaded.

On May 17, 1753 Washington captures a patrol of French beaver hunters. Then Washington captures a French soldier named Joseph Coulon SEIR De JUMONville and tells him,

You sir have been captured!” However, the Half King came and used his tomahawk to split JUMONville’S head open, took out his brain, and washed his hands with the blood. It was unclear why the Half King did this. JUMONville was supposed to be a prisoner of war. Whoops!

Two weeks later, the French had 2,000 men and Washington only had 100, so he held Fort Necessity. After that Washington surrendered to the French. After that, JUMONville’s brother gets a confession from Washington. He and his soldiers were set free after that. However, Washington signed a French letter that was a confession that Washington killed Joseph Colón Sire De JUMONville. Uh oh, Washington, the man who would become the first president of the United States, didn’t know what he signed!

The letter that Washington signed was sent to Quebec, to a ship, and then to the French King, King Louis XVI. After he read the letter, the British harassed the French shipping throughout 1755. After that the French king declared the French and Indian war! The war began in 1753.


Stamp Act

Here I am going to be telling you the history of the stamp act. It all began after the French and Indian war war ended. I hope you will understand the concept of the Stamp act.

It all began after the French and Indian war. Great Brittan had won the war. King George the 3rd was furious because he had spent all this money on sending the soldiers out, so he had no money, so he had an idea. This idea was to tax people, so he would earn his money back. For every certain amount, people had to pay another, let’s say 10 more cents. Some of the many items that the King taxed people on are: Sugar, stamps, playing cards, lawyer letters, dice, and alcoholic drinks. So it wasn’t very fair of the king to do this.

Now all of the colonists were enraged. Thomas Hutchinson appointed Andrew Oliver the stamp man, so he had to put a stamp on all the items they were taxing. Sam Adams and James Otis were at The Green Dragon tavern one night in Boston. They were angry about the taxes and felt like they had no say in the government. They were both chanting “No taxation without representation” to show how furious they were. This started the Sons of Liberty, which is an organization that protects the British colonist’s rights.

The Sons of Liberty was furious with Andrew Oliver, so they decided to go to Andrew Oliver’s house. They chased away his family. They also trashed Thomas Hutchinson’s house. They smashed his only flat mirror, which back in the day was a big deal, because they didn’t have the technology to make them perfectly flat. They also threw his 700 page book out the window that had taken him 10 years. They also chased away his family. The Sons of Liberty made a doll of Andrew Oliver and hung it from the liberty tree. Oliver finally quits his job of being the stamp man.

Now, Trouble was in all 13 colonies. King George the 3rd finally cancels the stamp act. Everyone was celebrating because they didn’t have to deal with the horrors of the stamp act! In February 1766 there was a big celebration. Also a new law passed that king George the 3rd could do whatever he wants.

That was the history of the stamp act. I hope you understood the remarkable story. First, the king was mad because he had no money. Then it was The Sons of Liberty trashing Andrew Oliver and Thomas Hutchinson’s house, and then finally the stamp act was canceled! I hope you enjoyed the story!


Boston Massacre

I was at the Tavern on Friday night, March 2nd. Those Sons of Liberty want us to boycott everything British, what are we supposed to do? Not eat? I am a Son of Liberty myself, but this is hard. My good friend William Green was in a big brawl with that disgusting, British soldier, Pat Walker. Pat knew he didn’t have a shot without his gun, not just against William, but against any rope maker. So, of course, Big William kicked his butt.

The next night, William and I were in the Tavern again, the same night. “Do you think he had a shot? Walker, I mean,” William said. “Not a chance, I can’t believe you even thought about it,” I responded. And what luck, because guess who was standing right behind me? Pat Walker, who, normally I wouldn’t be scared of, but he also had nine guys with him. Let me tell you something, those guys had a lot of muscle. The rest of that night I try to forget about. Let’s just say, the nine muscle guys, and Pat too, got kicked out of the tavern. It was the same thing on Saturday.

On Monday night, there was a foot of snow on the ground. William and I sitting in his house, watching the streets. We saw Private White on duty, and a police officer roaming the streets, who was getting yelled at by some shaver named Edward Garrick. I opened the window,

“What wig are you talking about?” the police officer said. Private White began strolling over to Garrick.

“My dad’s wig, you stole my dad’s wig!!” Garrick shouted. Private White was only 10 feet away now. “Give me the money!!!!” Garrick yelled.

BAM!! The butt of Private White’s gun smashed against Garrick’s nose. It started to bleed as he ran home. A few minutes later, Edward showed up again at the liberty tree, this time with a few friends, about 300 in counting. I recognized them all as Sons of Liberty. I ran out myself, and noticed some of them were stick rocks in snowballs and throwing them at White. We grabbed sticks, and hit White with them. All of a sudden, White loaded his gun and fixed his bayonet. Everyone gasped, and backed away. Then, we realized he wouldn’t fire, so we threw and hit him more. After that, White called for help. Captain Preston came with seven other guys, in which I also recognized from the fight with William. All of these men were loaded. We beat them with sticks as well. Somebody threw a stick at Hugh Montgomery, who fell and fired.

Someone shouted, “FIRE!!”

You could hear Sam Grey yell, “Don’t worry men, they won’t fire!” Those were his last words, Private Kilroy fired straight at his face. There was a huge hole, big enough for a grown man’s fist to fit in it. You could feel Grey’s pain, and smell the smoke of the gunpowder.

The next one to go down was the black slave, Crispus Attucks, the poor man took two in the chest. Later that night, William told me it was Hugh Montgomery who shot Crispus, but that’s not possible! He took two in the chest, not one! Who else shot him? Anyway, let’s get back to the story.

The 3rd dreadful death was Patrick Carr, who had one of the most disgusting deaths I’ve ever seen. The musket ball went through his chest, and left his backbone hanging out his back. I love Patrick to death, and I wish the bullet left backbone hanging out instead.

Another awful death was a young little 17 year old named Sam Maverick. That’s right, two Sam’s died that night.

Sam got shot, walked up the steps of his front door, muttered, “Mummy,” and quickly collapsed

Tea Party

The Boston tea party began on December 16, 1773 when the colonist was not paying any taxes. They also loved tea. But King George did not like that. He had four ships full of tea. The names of the ships where Eleanor, Beaver, William, and Dartmouth. But the William sank and the Beaver had small pox. The tea was half price but also a tax of ten cents. So the tea was 60 cents.

Meanwhile Sam Adams was in Old South Church saying to the colonist that support the Sons of Liberty “Nothing more to save our country” and that was a signal to the Sons of Liberty. 50 men dress up as Mohawk’s the most fearsome warriors. But they didn’t take all they did was whistle. Then they marched down to the harbor and asked the guard for the key and the guard gives it to him they get on board the ship. With all the tea and the ocean still as could be they start dumping. the tea into the harbor. But Charles O’Connor, a Sons of Liberty starts stealing the tea and putting it in his office for his wife. So then other Sons of Liberty striped him and make him run back to his house in public naked.

King George III gets very sad because he gave them a gift and all they did was dump it in the Harbor. But then he snapped. He sends ships of soldiers to find the Sons of Liberty and arrest them. Meanwhile Sam Adam is dancing around happy as could be because he told the colonists what was going to happen. The king is playing Sam’s game. Now bad things are going to happen to the Sons of Liberty. King George passes the Intolerable Acts. One Act is that the soldiers are now living with the colonists. If they don’t like living with the soldiers they have to get out the city or live on the street. So the king gave them a choice and some people lifted and some people stayed the people that lifted had to live with someone that they knew or one of their family members. The people that stayed had to say with some soldiers or just live in the street so some people lived with them and some people just got put onto the street and had no food or water. the people just stumped on the gifted he gave him and he got really mad about that.