Michael J. Allen

Class of 2016 - 2017

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All homework due Friday, March 31st


Job 1:

Find out about one (or more) early battles of the Revolution:

  • Make a poster showing your impression of the battle.

  • Write a journal/diary entry using your fictional character as if you had been there on the day of the battle. Be creative: describe the scene, use interesting vocabulary - but also include some accurate historical detail! Don't forget the proofreading!

Job 2:

Research one of the following topics and write paragraph summaries of what you find. Focus on a good introduction and three things you found interesting/surprising/amusing/shocking! Don't forget a strong conclusion too!

  • Women and the armies

  • Africans and the armies

  • Medicine and the armies

  • Winter and the armies

  • Daily life for the armies

  • Weapons and the armies

  • Clothing, equipment and the armies

  • Diet and the armies


Enjoy yourselves, have fun and remember:



Parent Guide To Homework



Links to Grading Rubrics


Homework Rubric Page

This is the rubric location for specific homework projects.


Rubric Home Page

This is the main store of rubrics used in the class.


Writing Workshop Special Rubric



Previous projects:


Reading and Language Arts MCAS preparation

This week your homework is to answer two practice Language arts MCAS questions.

Please work on the technique as we applied it in class:

  • Read article

  • Make a plan for each of your answers using the provided templates.

  • Highlight relevant sections, if you want.

  • Write essay with introduction, facts, two or three supporting details per reason, transitional words and a strong conclusion.

  • Please handwrite and proofread each essay.

Hand in your homework on Friday, March 17th.

Please hand in planning templates and final essays.




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