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Homework Break

Due to the Math MCAS there will be no project this week.

Enjoy reading and preparing for the tests by relaxing with your family!


Enjoy yourselves, have fun and remember:




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Writing Workshop Special Rubric



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Working with your Revision Buddy, as described in class, concentrate on reading and reviewing Grade four science texts in preparation for the upcoming Science MCAS. All of this material may appear on the upcoming Science MCAS tests.

You should read all the pages noted, and create brief notes, where appropriate, to help you remember and consolidate information. Each student will make notes according to their own needs, as described in class.

This week you will focus on the first two fourth grade subjects: ‘Weather and climate’, and ‘Properties of Matter’.

There is no rubric for this work, since the judgment on your success will be reflected in your final MCAS science performance result!

Properties of Matter:

Matter, matter everywhere b10 –11

Making materials useful b12-13

The metric system b19-22

More about matter b29-30

Compounds b33- 35

Causing change b39- 42

A change for the better b48-49

Changed for good b56 – 58

Total: 22 pages

Weather and climate

It’s got us covered e10-11

Not too warm e14-15

Feeling the air e21-22

All about pressure e31-33

Wind blowing e38-39

Water vapor and weather e46-47

Watching clouds go by e55-57

Weather in the newse63-65

Light and sound show e68-69

Changing seasons e80-83

Florida is not N. Dakota e 86-89

Total: 27 pages


MCAS homework - week 2

Working with your ‘revision buddy’, your homework for this week is to continue reading and reviewing fourth grade science texts. This week you will be focusing on ‘Electricity and Magnetism’, and ‘Animals’. There are 62 pages for you to read. (roughly, 10 pages a night with one night off, or roughly two or three sections per night)

There is no rubric for this work, since the judgment on your success will be reflected in your final MCAS science performance result!

Here are the page references for this week:


Electricity and Magnetism

Properties of magnets d11-13

Force fields d19-21

Earth as a magnet d22-24

Static Electricity d30-33

Lightning d34-35

Electric current d40-43

Light bulbs d48-49

Series and parallel d50-51

Producing electric current d60-63

Power plant to you d64-65

Electric magnets d72-74

Animal Adaptations

Parts that help c18-23

Dance of the bees c26-27

Behavior for survival c28-30

Variety of life c36-39

Classification c42-43

Frogs/reptiles c46-50

Fly, dive, gallop c51-53

Nothing in common c56-60


Notes for MCAS reading

  • Anything that seems either too new or too difficult for you to be able to remember next week, take a brief note. Concentrate on ‘bold face terms’, as discussed in class.

  • Jot down any questions you have for discussion at school.

  • Draw pictures, make diagrams, etc. Structure your notes in any way that makes it possible for you to remember the key points without having to go back to the text.

  • Keep your notes as brief as possible – as long as you and your revision buddy can understand them you’re OK.

  • Share out the note-taking job with your partner. Read and work together if possible. Discuss the meaning of the material as much as is possible for you and your circumstances.




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