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Homework break!

Read like crazy this week as you enjoy the pleasures of a week away from homework (except Math worksheets)



Google Classroom Writing Prompts

This week, the students will have three writing prompts and one art project for homework.

Each writing prompt is intended to take 20 minutes and should be submitted the following day to the Google Classroom.




Homework Rubric Page

This is the rubric location for specific homework projects.



Completed Homework Projects:


All in the News

Hello. I’m your homework guide.

I know you’re dog-tired, but you can’t just roll over and play dead, can you?

I know it’s wuff, but your homework this week is to provide paragraphs, posters, and more on issues you think are important.

I would like you to read daily newspapers, magazines, or visit web sites during this week trying to find news stories.

Here are some categories you might find useful:

  • News stories that interested you.

  • A news story that amused you.

  • A big news story from any country - except America.

  • A story that involves the environment and its protection.

  • A story that involves famous people and their behavior.

  • A news item you found shocking. 


Here are the jobs:

Job 1

Choose one of these categories:

  • Write a paragraph summarizing a story you selected - in your own words.

  • Write a paragraph explaining why you picked that story. Include three reasons for your choice.

Remember, I may not know the stories so explain them carefully enough that I will be able to understand them.


Job 2

Make a poster called, “A Week in America.” Include in the poster imaginative use of images and words that have appeared in the news this week.

Remember: small and detailed is beautiful!


Job 3

Choose a news category from the list above:

Write words and/or music to a ‘song’ using the news item as inspiration.

Play the song for us on Friday, October 5th

You can record the song or 'play it live'!


Make a presentation or a video about the News Story on Friday, October 5th.

Your speech, in either case, should be between 1-2 minutes long. It should contain the following parts:

  • An introduction filled with energy and life

  • A summary of the news story

  • An explanation of why you chose the story

If you decide to do a live presentation, you can use a creative PowerPoint/Slides/Keynote to enhance your work!


Job time estimates.

Job 1 – 1 hr.

Job 2 - 1 hr.

Job 3 - 1 hr.


Enjoy yourselves, have fun and remember:




All About Me

(This is my Fifth Birthday party. I'm the handsome one wearing a tie at the far end of the table.)

Welcome to grade five homework projects.

This first project should be handed in on Friday, September 14th.

This year you will be receiving homework on Friday. Most of your homework will be handed in to me the following Friday unless you are instructed otherwise.

You will also receive homework from other teachers who will provide you with details of what they require at that time.

Homework is intended to take about one hour a night not including the reading requirement (which is twenty minutes a day). That means about five to seven hours per week.

Grading is by a rubric during the first term. The rubric will usually be handed out with the homework. Graded homework will be returned on the Monday after the homework has been handed in, as a general rule.


Your first project is to help me get to know you better.

I would like you to put together a portrait of who you are in the following categories:

  • Mini-biography: Choose two from the following four options:

    • Writing about yourself, your life, and your family – funny stories, sad stories, amazing family facts, etc.

    • Describe the best book you have ever read.

    • What was one of the proudest moments in your life?

    • Describe a turning point in your life.

  • Predictions:

    • Write predictions about where you and three of your friends will be, and what they will be doing with their lives in twenty years from now!

  • Compliments:

    • Write a page of compliments to friends and family, the kind of thing that you may have thought but never said. Try to include as many class mates as possible.

  • Portraits:

    • A page (or pages) of photos and artwork expressing who you are as an artist and a person.



Parent Guide To Homework