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Class of 2016 - 2017

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Creatures of the Earth Homework

All Homework due in Thursday, April 13th

We begin our study of Life on Earth soon. To support our work, I would like you to choose a creature of interest to you and find out about its life.

Make a mini book about your chosen creature.

This week your whole project is to design and make a book about a chosen creature.

Your book should aim to inform and educate your fellow students about your creature.

Here are the required topics that should be included in the Mini- book:

  • Introduction

  • Family – for example, mammal, insect, reptile

  • Life Cycle

  • Lifestyle and personality of the creature

  • What does the creature eat?

  • What eats the creature?

  • Describe the creatures preferred ecosystem.

  • Challenges and dangers facing the creature (other than being eaten)

  • Adaptations that make the creature fit its ecosystem

  • A comprehensive list of sources for the work.

Here are other some suggested topics for you that you may include if you choose to:

  • Basic fact file

  • Where is the creature found?

  • How many of the creatures are there?

  • What can be done to help the creature survive and prosper?

  • Invent a game that can teach about your creature

  • A day in the life of your creature

  • Food chains

The mini book should include illustrations and diagrams. Your goal should be to make a book that would be attractive and interesting for your age group to explore.



Enjoy yourselves, have fun and remember:



Parent Guide To Homework



Links to Grading Rubrics


Homework Rubric Page

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Rubric Home Page

This is the main store of rubrics used in the class.


Writing Workshop Special Rubric



Previous projects:


Reading and Language Arts MCAS preparation

This week your homework is to answer two practice Language arts MCAS questions.

Please work on the technique as we applied it in class:

  • Read article

  • Make a plan for each of your answers using the provided templates.

  • Highlight relevant sections, if you want.

  • Write essay with introduction, facts, two or three supporting details per reason, transitional words and a strong conclusion.

  • Please handwrite and proofread each essay.

Hand in your homework on Friday, April 7th.

Please hand in planning templates and final essays.




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