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Class of 2017 - 2018

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What If?

All homework due in Friday, December 8th

A series of ‘What If’ ideas’ for you to think about:

  • What if you could climb between the covers of any book and become a character in the story? What book and character would you choose, and why?

  • What if you were not required by law to attend school? How would you spend your days?

  • What if you could back in history and change one important event? Which event would you choose to change? Why? In what ways would you change the event?

  • What if one morning your pet cat, Rover started talking to you in very precise English?

  • What if faster than light travel is invented tomorrow?

  • What if every time you touched anything, it turned into plastic?

  • What if you found a way to travel through a black hole?

  • What if your stuffed animals secretly sneak out of the house after you go to sleep?

  • What if you fell into a video game and could not find the way back home?

Job 1:

Choose one of the situations to write about. (estimate: 2 hours)

Concentrate on writing excellent descriptions of what your reader is supposed to see and hear. Don’t worry about finishing a whole story: I would rather read one excellent scene carefully described rather than a poor, thinly described, but ‘finished’ story.

Job 2:

Make a poster or model that is related to one of the ‘What if’ ideas. (est. 45 min.)


Enjoy yourselves, have fun and remember:



Homework Rubric Page

This is the rubric location for specific homework projects.


Completed Homework Projects:


Children's Rights Homework

All homework due in Monday, November 13th.

  • Job 1:

What are the 10 most important rights all children should have?

Make a list of the ten most important rights children should have.

Choose the 'top three' of the rights you have selected.

For each right you have selected, design a page which:

  •  Explains what the particular ‘right’ is.

  •  Write a paragraph explaining why this ‘right’ is important to you.

  • Illustrate and decorate each page in a way you enjoy!

  • Job 2:

Make an ‘Award Statue’ to present to someone who deserves to be recognized for their work in protecting rights.

The person can be anyone: from your mom, a classmate, to Nelson Mandela! Write a short paragraph giving three reasons why you selected the person you chose. (est. 1 hour.)

Job time guidelines:

Job 1: Each page: planning and writing 20 minutes. Redraft/proofreading 20 minutes. Decoration 20 minutes. Total = 60 minutes per page. Three hours total for Job 1.

Job 2: 60 minutes.


Student Friendly News Sites

Here are links to sites that cover the news and current events in grade appropriate presentations. If you know of any current event sites to add to the list please send them, and I'll publish them here. We can use this site for current events research reading.



Homework Break

This week you should focus on reading and enjoying yourself with your family.

Enjoy yourselves, have fun and remember:





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