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Language information for parents and students

Massachusetts Language Arts Frameworks

Here is a link to the Massachusetts Frameworks document for Language.



Here are the key skills expected to be taught to Fifth Grade students:

Massachusetts Fifth Grade Language Arts Standards



Interesting Language support sites

Here are some resourcess I use during the year as part of my teaching of the Language Arts curriculum:


Writing Workshop Mini lessons: Essays


Writing Workshop Mini lessons:Personal Narratives

'Writing Workshop' is where the students develop their writing skills through working on personal writing projects of their own choosing.

I've posted a special page of the rough lesson plans for this project for those of you who are interested and are willing to dig through my slightly obtuse notes. Page references are all from



Great Photos

Some of the 'Top Photographs from the Twentieth Century' according to Life and Time Magazine, as well as some others I've chucked in for good measure! We use these photos to work on our descriptive skills and to write descriptive poetry.



Student Friendly News Sites

Here are links to sites that cover the news and current events in grade appropriate presentations. If you know of any current event sites to add to the list please send them, and I'll publish them here. We can use this site for current events research reading.



Writing Summaries of News articles

By Shannon Johnson, eHow Contributor

Here's a basic 'how to write news article summaries' for students who don't know how or who have forgotten how to do it.



Ms. Moll's Language Arts links:

The Reading and Writing Project -Research Base
A gold mine for teachers, this organization, co-founded by the legendary Lucy Calkins, provides teachers with extensive, research-based resources for improving their instruction so that teaching reading and writing is more effective, balanced, and responsive to student needs.

Scholastic is a great resource for finding books for your child. It can be overwhelming to navigate, but contains some great tools such as the Book Wizard which allows you to find the reading level of books, as well as book suggestions and helpful articles on child reading development. 

Scholastic Book Clubs
Here is a link to the latest Scholastic Book order. Parents, you can use my class activation code (below) to order books through the Book Club and they will be sent straight to the school, giving our class scholastic rewards points for every order. You have to create your own user name and password to sign in and order online. Use my class activation code before the check-out process. You can either pay online with a credit card or write a check and send it in with your child.
Ms. Moll's Class Activation Code: HF9RC



Language Arts Games and Skills Practice.



Free Rice

Why not try Free rice.com?

Hone your skills in many subjects and contribute to ending world hunger.

Give it a go - it's addictive and good for you - and for other people too!



Mr Nussbaum Language activities

Great collection of language activities.




Mr. Nussbaum's Language Art Games