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Class of 2018 - 2019

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Social Studies information for parents and students

Follow the links to find out everything you could possibly want to about the work we will do in the Social Studies class!


Massachusetts Frameworks for Social Studies 2003

Here is a link to the latest Massachusetts framework for Social Studies. When it gets revised, let's pray that it gets slimmed down...

I teach through a series of projects. The projects have multiple linguistic, artistic, musical and presentation goals. Students get to explore their multiple intelligences through the projects. The subjects covered are:

Detailed plans for each project appear on the Teacher Planning page at the appropriate time.



Links to Web resources



Here is Mr Nussbaum.com's easy version of the story of the European explorers.



Cajamarca, Peru

Read about the first encounter between Pizarro and the Incas leader, Atahualpa. We ask, 'how was it possible for under 200 Spanish soldiers to defeat an empire of millions?'




PBS website linked to the series we use for the American Revolution work.



Causes of the Revolution - pictures



Portraits of the Revolution



Battle Maps of the Revolution

Here are some maps we'll be using in class to show the early action in the Revolutionary War.



Welcome to Colonial Times

My class made this website in 2015.


Other interesting Social Studies sites...


Ghengis Khan

Maps of the great Mongol Empire that led to the era of European Exploration that led to the founding of the United States of America....



Mappa Mundi

Follow the link to see original World maps dated between 1086 to 1430, including links to Hereford's amazing Mappa Mundi...



My Great Maps

Mr Nussbaum's site for outline maps that students can use after signing up at the site. Pretty cool!



UN Convention on the Rights of the Child



Poverty and wealth



Happiness around the World?

Read these graphs and diagrams and see what scientists have found     about the state of our World...



Information about the States of America

This resource was sent to me by Sarah Washington. Thanks Sarah!