Michael J. Allen

Class of 2016 - 2017

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Teacher Information - Science

Follow the links to find out everything you could possibly want to about the science work we will complete in the class.


Massachusetts Frameworks for Science 2006

I teach through a series of multi-disciplinary projects. The projects have clear scientific, 'hands-on' experiential and exploratory aspects as well as linguistic, artistic, musical and presentation goals. Students get to explore their multiple intelligences through the projects!

The subjects covered are:

Detailed plans for each project appear on the Teacher Planning page at the appropriate time.


Links to Web resources


Space For Thought

Here's a page of excellent links for the Space project.



Light and Sound Links



Rocks and Minerals Links




Simple Machines Information Page




Life - ecosystems and living-things links




Summary of Science Curriculum

Follow this link for a comprehensive summary of all the main subject areas you need to be prepared for to succeed in the Science MCAS. If you can answer questions in all these areas you should be fine - notwithstanding the inevitable curveballs so beloved of the MCAS team!!!



Additional Important Science Topics



Here is a resource to find out more about Energy.



Building Big



Pollen Pictures



Artificial Intelligence

Want to talk to the most advanced Artificial Intelligence bot on the internet?

If you do, then follow this link and meet the fabulous Elbot!



How to be a genius

Here is an article I found fascinating and thought you might, too..




The Scale of the Universe

Tyler found this excellent animation to demonstrate the scale of the Universes from the very smallest to the very largest!

Well done Tyler!