Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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The Briefcase and the Kidnapper

Everything was going so well for Brady and Jessica Zingledorf: they lived in the gorgeous suburb of Medford with doting and well-to-do parents, plenty of friends and a future as bright as the sun. The only real concern for the children, as morning peeked through the spring clouds of May 22nd , 1977 was whether the Beatles were better than the Bee Gees, or not.

But the sweet innocence of 1977 was soon to be torn asunder by their father, Professor Zingledorf's, epic, epochal invention: the world's first thinking robot, Uno.

As the Professor rushes up to interrupt breakfast with his excited proclamations of future wealth and prosperity, how was he to know that, downstairs in his lab, robots from the distant future had arrived through a futuristic time portal to snatch Uno into their distant, strange and savage World?

How was he to know that Uno would become the progenitor of all the robots of the future?

How was he to know that the descendants of Uno would one day declare Uno a God?

How was he to know that these very same descendants would one day conclude that Earth's problems would be best solved by sweeping the humans off the face of the planet as if they were merely bugs?

How was he to know that in this far off future the few surviving humans, calling themselves, 'The Resistance' and living like rats, would find themselves in a desperate race to find Uno before the robots?

How was he to know that, in the future, Uno held the key to, not only the destiny of the robots, but also the destiny of all humanity, as well?

How was he to know that the task of saving humanity and rewriting the future would soon fall into the hands of his children?

How was he to know that inside a talking, futuristic briefcase from the future lay the key to everything?

The Cast:


Narrator - Ben

The Family:

Brady Zingledorf – Jack

Jessica Zingledorf – Emma

Professor Zingledorf – Hunter

Eureka Zingledorf – Miranda


The Orphans:

Zoe – Maya

Ruth – Katrina

Mr. Toogleebuns - Ben

The Robots:

Uno, God of Robots – Isabella

Killcode – Sofia

Codekill – Mia

Firestone – Nathan

Nighttale – Erin

The Sour Sisters – Joint Mayors of the Robots:

Serf Zomak – Andrea

Turf Zomak – Ryleigh

Robot Servants – Emily and John

The Resistance:

Sally Dickins – Maddi

Doc – Francesca

McRonald – John

Farley – Derek and Jayne

Greyhawk, the renegade robot – Michael O.

The voice of Casey - Ryleigh


Lights and slide design:

Jayne, Derek, Luc, Ben, Emily



Harrison, Michael P, Daniel, Kevin

Solo Singers:

Uno, Queen of the robots - Jayne and Derek

 Zomak Song - Maddi

What's that line for? - Mia

Robot nation - Ben

Kill You - Ryleigh


'Stupendous entertainment' – The Goston Blobe

'A first rate chiller' – The Goston Heonix

'Oscar-rated performances from a splendid cast' – The YT Times

'The music was earth shattering. I cried like a baby' – The Graunead


Original Story Concept by FRIM

FRIM are: Francesca, Ryleigh, Isabella and Miranda