Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Conor squirrel      11/23/16


The woods behind Playstead Park were wonderful. There was a climbing tree and a rain shelter but Conor and I weren’t allowed in there after my dad wanted to check for poison ivy and an incident took place.

 Conor and I walked into the woods with my dad. He had wanted to search the entire wood for poison ivy, so we set off. We walked for about forty seconds before I watched in horror as...

 Conor leaned over and yelled “Hey Dave, Check this out!” as he picked up a horrendous dead squirrel by the head. Its stretched face was horribly formed with its mouth opened in a silent scream of death!

 “Oh my god, I’m never going to get that image out of my head.” I thought. I almost fell over in terror as its gruesome, dead body was permanently burned into my memory. It had an open screeching mouth that was silent and its body was perfectly preserved as if it had suffocated, died of hunger/thirst, or fallen from a great height. It was horrifying, yet pulchritudinous .Even though it only lasted a second; it felt like a million years.

Then my dad screamed “PUT THAT DOWN!” as he grabbed Conor by the shoulder and pulled him over to the porta-potty to get some hand-sanitizer. Unaware that it was out of hand-sanitizer. So we had to ask some friends for hand-sanitizer which they luckily had.(which if they didn’t have, it could have got nasty because Conor needed to wash his hands a lot.

 As we walked to the car I almost screamed as I flashed back to the dead squirrel’s shrieking face. My dad shrieking, and that there was no hand-sanitizer. Then I remember the moment when the dead squirrel’s face was burned into my mind. Lastly, my dad drove us back to the house as I pictured Conor picking up the dead squirrel by the head. We were never allowed into those woods together again for fear that events might repeat themselves and a second dead animal incident might happen. I myself hope that that kind of thing will not happen to me again.