Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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A blade scars the ice, blowing shredded snow into the air. A cool breeze slips through the mesh material of your sweater. As you zip across the frozen ocean known as the rink, everyone is watching. This is going to be the top 3 reasons why hockey is the toughest, most athletic, and amazing sport in the world.

The first reason why hockey is the most brilliant sport ever is because it takes multiple skills. For example you must be fast on skates, and have quick stops. You also have control over the stick and puck, while at the same time knowing what’s going on around you. To add on, hockey is a team sport and if you can’t work together you will not be winning the game. This makes me realize that hockey is one of the hardest sports to properly play. Many people think football is tougher then hockey but I think running across a field is a little bit easier than skating across a rink.

The second reason why hockey is the most amazing sport ever is because it’s exciting. Hockey is a fast sport, so it takes a lot of focus to watch and definitely to play. Most people don’t like hockey because it’s hard to follow the puck. So at one point, there was a green circle that followed the puck around the rink on TV but everyone hated it because it was always in the wrong place so they stopped doing it. My point is the speed of hockey leaves you on the edge of your seat. It also is a physical contact sport. I like the level of threat that’s experienced in the game and the high risk of injuries that are bound to happen. One time, just about every player was stuck in a big blob trying to get the puck. One player started to loose balance and his leg went up in an attempt to stay on his feet. This happened just as another player got right behind him. The guy’s blade sliced the other guy’s cheek just missing his eye. Hockey is a game of pure risk, but that’s what makes it so exciting.

Another reason why hockey is so great is because it’s interesting. For example, the rules are complex. By this I mean nothing’s all that simple. It’s also interesting to collect hockey cards, learn the players, and what brand of stick they use. This makes hockey a great conversation starter. It’s literally all my grandpa talks to me about. Just a few weeks ago, my grandpa’s convo starter was what brands of sticks the Bruins players use… and I don’t even support the Bruins! But in my opinion, finding out what stick works best for you and learning the skills for yourself is what makes hockey such a great sport.

That was why hockey is the toughest, most athletic, and amazing sport in the world. To review: it’s because it takes multiple skills like skating and stick handling. It’s also exciting and interesting. This essay helps me to confidently say that if I could only play one sport for the rest of my life it would definitely be hockey. There’s this quote that I thought was funny. It reads: ‘the rink is where I live, my life is just where I spend time in-between games’. I like this because it shows just how much us fans love the game of hockey, and it is by far the best sport in the world.