Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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21 songs about pre-teen life



1. Pulse


Kathryn - vocals

Hailey - guitar

Kevin -bass

Ethan - Keys

Lyrics - Callie



 2. Popularity


Brennan, Erin, Eric, Hannah - vocals

Brennan, Erin, Hannah - harmonies

Erin, Brennan - lyrics



3. Secret

David, Brennan, Talia, Kathryn, Erin, Callie, Charlotte, Kevin -  vocals

Chord sequence - Kevin and Mr. A.

lyrics - Brennan, Talia, Charlotte, Callie, Kathryn


4. Shopping


Charlotte: vocals

Mr. A.: bass

Hailey, Devin : guitar

Eric, David: Keys

lyrics: Hannah, Charlotte


5. Gossip



Talia, Olivia - vocals

David - keys



lyrics, melody - Talia, Olivia



Erin, Hannah, Leanna, Charlotte: vocals

Devin: bass

David, Kevin: keys

Hailey: guitar

lyrics: Charlotte, Patricia, Ilana


7. Behind the Mask


Daria: keys

Vocals by: Leanna

Lyrics by Daria, Callie, Leanna


8. Tugging



Talia, Olivia: vocals

David, Olivia : keys

lyrics: Talia, Olivia

Devin: guitar solo

Song written by Julia C.


9. Opposite World

Leanna: vocals

Daria, Callie: keys

Kevin; bass



Callie, Leanna, Daria: lyrics

10. Really stressed

Hannah, Brennan: vocals

Erin and Mr. A.: guitar



lyrics: Brennan



11. Coffee


Callie, Charlotte, Kathryn: vocals

David, Eric: keys

Alton: bass

lyrics: Eric, Charlotte, Callie

recorded live.



12. Life

Ilana - keys

Patricia - vocals

Charlotte - Harmony

Lyrics by Charlotte


13. That's not Music

Alton - vocals

Patricia, Alton - Harmony vocals

Patricia - keys solo

lyrics - Ilana, Patricia, Charlotte



14. Clumsy

Hannah: vocals


lyrics : Lily, Michael


15. Italian


Olivia - vocals

Kevin - guitar solo

Lily, Reyna - keys


lyrics - Michael


16. Cassandra

atricia, Talia - vocals

Hailey - guitar

Devin - bass

David, Eric - keys

Hailey - guitar solo

Charlotte, Hannah, Talia - lyrics

recorded live.

17. Da Chase

Kathryn - vocals

Hailey - guitar

Kevin -bass

Ethan - Keys

Lyrics - Kevin






18. Cursed

David, Hannah, Charlotte - vocals

Devin and Mr. A.: bass

lyrics by Devin, David

19. Rage

Erin, Charlotte -vocals

Hailey - guitar

Devin - bass

Mr. A. Drums

recorded live.

20. Black Sunshine


Erin - guitar

Erin - bass

Hannah - keys

Brennan - vocals

Hannah, Erin - harmonies

lyrics - Brennan.

Chord sequence - Erin




21. Goodbye

Homemade instruments and performance by Jason, Alton

Piano pieces by;

1. Patricia

2. Leanna, Charlotte


 What an excellent session. Try it out. It's the fresh sound of 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone


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