Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Follow the links to experience the thoughts and feelings of your classmates!


Graeme and Ben have blogs!

Ben's blog is tacoman14!

Who knew?

Graeme has a number of blogs and sites:

Graeme's Minecraft help page. Click the picture above.


Graeme's site about one of his fascinating friends, naboof! Click the picture above.


Graeme's youtube page for his naboof videos. Click the picture above.


Click the links, students and interested others, to enter the strange and wonderful worlds of our class bloggers!

Here are some of the blogs from past students. Maybe some of these blogs still flicker into life on occasion...




Unicorns Are Everything

Peter joins the gang with his latest blog!




The Little Monster Revolution

Daniel has rebooted his blog.

Here is his new blog address...




Liana joins the blogging frenzy. Follow her bloggery. I bet you can't bear the wait!


The Crazy Cuckoo Clock

Daniel is the first in the group to start his own blog.

Follow this fascinating fellow by following the link...




 Scarlet Humming Bird

Lia returns from the dead to rejoin the blogging world with her new rebooted sensational page!

She's in seventh grade now. Take a peak into the future Fifth grade students...

Welcome back Lia!





Awesome Guy Blog

Tyler joins the craze with his wacky weird wisdom.

Join him...



Breaking News

Nathan joins the craze with some special math help too!

Follow him - you know it makes sense!!

Brenna's Brilliant Blog

Brenna joins in the blogging fun!

Follow the link and follow Brenna.

You know it makes sense!





Old links to dead blogs!




The Purple Spider

Emily lost her Monkey Moon Planet blog in mysterious circumstances. She returns with her new blog. Check it out!!!



The Fabulous Flamingo 2

Sofia re-enters the blogging World. Enjoy her thoughts here - and now you can comment, as well...



Ninja Girl 25

Welcome Brianna to the blog frenzy!!




Nerdy Teddy Bear

Annika joins in the merriment with her new blog....



Playful Puppies

Alex joins in the fun with her latest blog adventure...




Mythical Monkey

Maya joins the scintillating blogosphere with her dynamic page...




Gio the Singer

Giovanna joins the ever-expanding blogging community. Welcome!!



Polka Dot Pig









Welcome, Francesca, to the World of mind-spilling we call our blogs...



Fat Squirrel

Kevin joins in with the blog-tastic fun...




Hot Feet

Nathan enters the blog arena with his controverial musings...




Hunter's Blog

Hunter joins the throng. Why not follow him?






Welcome Jack. Welcome to the world of the bloggies!




Purple Guinea Pig

Try Emma's new blog. It's ready for you...



Lovable Orange Seal

Agent Rylo joins the blogging frenzy. Enjoy visiting her fabulous new blog...





Check out the new blog from Mia and Isabella. The first bloggers in the class this year...





This seems to be Miranda's new blog. Why not follow it?




A Moment With Mamie




Time 4 Tim



Lydia Land



Carla's World




Ask Aidan



Totally Tamar



Carl Connection






Listen to Kristen



Especially Ethan



Stella by Starlight



Thorn's Cat Blog





Kat's Nook Blog