Michael J. Allen

Class of 2018 - 2019

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Survivor Island

Remember: America is watching...


Zack Russell, Samantha Shrine, Brandon Sanders, and Suzie Sanchez are not normal kids.

They are very troubled kids and have terrible personalities. But when their younger siblings are kidnapped, the only way to save them is to participate in a game show called, “Survivor Island”.

There are three tasks they need to complete.

If they lose one the three tasks, they are eliminated off the show, meaning they are literally eliminated.

What will these four kids do to save their younger siblings? Can they become better people on the way to victory?



The Contestants

Zack Russell: Michael Palmer

Samantha Shrine: Erin Diskin

Susan Sanchez: Emma Peterson

Brandon Sanders: Nathan Pereira

The Coaches

Pink Team

Todd Glass/The Soldier: Michael O’Grady

Veronica McCarthy/Fashion Designer: Andrea Arellano


Blue Team

Alison Samosa/ The Hunter: Maya Gomez-Coultas

Ava Goldkey: Katrina Perez


Red Team

Yoshi Chang/ The Ninja: Ryleigh McLaughlin

Hailey Jones/ Fashion Designer: Isabella Southwick


Black Team

Alvin Cray/The Cop: John Harrison

Joan Payne/ Fashion Designer: Emily Murphy


Simon Garfunkel: Hunter Tognarelli

Mindy Carson: Francesca Leggio

Jennifer Stark/Co-Host: Sofia Morgante

Mandy Smith/Co-Host: Miranda King-Giannino

Lashasa Royals

Queen/Ulu Pallulu: Mia McWethy

Princess/Lulu Pallulu: Madeline Van Winkle

Backstage Magic



Benjamin Feldman/ Luc Barbeau

Video/Images/live video:

Derek Giglio



All music performed live by:

Tropical Toejam:

Kevin Casey - Drums

Daniel Johnson - Bass

Harrison Creamer - Guitar

Jack Egan - Keys



Thursday, June 14th

Room 411

6:00pm and 7:30pm


Mark it on your calendar!

Please email me at mike@michaeljallen.org with information about which show you're planning on coming to, along with how many people will be in your party.

It's 'first come - first served' for reservations.

I will be seating people in the order that they made reservations. Follow the links here to see confirmed reservations...

When all parents and families are in, I will be allowing graduate students to fill up the room.